The most annoying thing on earth: The default camera gate in maya. It’s just wasting useful screen space and what the hell is this see through useful for? When I use camera gate I want to frame the shot and don’t want to get distracted by anything around it. So this is why I created a small script. I created a button and placed it in my shelf. Now I can toggle the camera gate on and off. It’s always used as much screen space as possible and everything else is opaque.




string $allCameras[] = `ls -et "camera"`;
for($myCamera in $allCameras) {

setAttr ($myCamera + ".displayGateMaskColor") -type double3 0.265 0.265 0.265;
setAttr ($myCamera + ".displayGateMaskOpacity") 1;
setAttr ($myCamera + ".filmFit") 1;
setAttr ($myCamera + ".overscan") 1.2;

if (getAttr ($myCamera + ".displayResolution")==0){
setAttr ($myCamera + ".displayResolution") 1;
setAttr ($myCamera + ".displayResolution") 0;

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