Das ist kein Hexenwerk

There it is. Our short film “Das ist kein Hexenwerk”. Word for word translated it means: “that is no witchcraft”, but actually it’s a german saying with the same meaning as “It’s not rocket science”. This is supposed to be funny (not really after I had to explain it…) because in fact this short is about a witch… never mind, let’s move on.

Willa the witch wants to pass her final exam: she has to brew an invisibility potion. The examiner, a dead bored frog doesn’t like the clumsy, spontaneous witch and really hopes that she fails to pass.

It all started with Willa. She’s a young, green witch and she was the very first thing we designed.



We made a lot of tests to make sure that Willas hair and cloth will work for all of our shots,


Of course we needed the examiner – a frog – as well. We created some concepts first and then built him in 3D.

frog_concept frogfrosch_tt.1005


At the same time we started to design willas chamber.



We build the chamber in 3D and modeled some props… actually a lot of props…

props01 props02feather_tt.0004eyeball_tt.0001pumpkin_tt.0099chemie_tt.0001sextant_tt.0099


We made some fancy fluids, composited everything together and finally it looked like this:

master_vor master_nach


If some of you want to find out more, you can look through our documentation (sadly it’s written in german but there are a lot of pictures as well :D) You may need to download it, because google drive can’t display it correctly…
Das ist kein Hexenwerk documentation

This short film was made by Robert Fischer, Stella Bada & me.
additional animation: Valentin Sitnikov
sounddesign/music: Andreas Gajewski
Willa the Witch (voice): Sina Pelzer

Thanks to Timo Schnitt & Markus Fischmann (our real examiners, because this was our bachelor thesis)






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